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A bed like the King of Sweden has!

The superior deluxe room is now unique because you will be sleeping on a Hästens bed, which has been titled the best bed in the world. Even Swedish kings sleep on them! Gustaf VI Adolf of Sweden selected Hästens for the royal palace back in 1952. Being the royal supplier is an evaluation of Swedish quality and top-class Scandinavian design.

Now you can get a good night’s sleep like true royalty too at the SPA VILNIUS superior deluxe room! Hästens can boast of a family history that goes back several generations, starting in 1852. Six generations were accompanied by one endeavour: to make the most comfortable beds that you could ever imagine. From their very frst bed to now, Hästens only uses natural materials. In 1852, cotton, horse hair, wool and linen were superior to other materials, and surprisingly, they remain so even today. And just like back then, these materials are still being assembled in the best way – by hand. The dedicated experts at Hästens combine the fnest natural materials with the art of bed manufacturing to perfection.

This is the haute couture of the bed world! All that for the sake of your sleep quality.

Sleeping on a Hästens bed is like coming to a ball wearing a dress by Dior.

P. S. Statistics say that 75% of people dream in colour. How about you?

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