CIBUS dinner

TERRITORY & TRADITIONS represents interpretations of a modern Lithuanian kitchen, involving some particular motives from Dzūkija region kitchen. Dishes created by SPA VILNIUS chef Marijona Kavaliauskienė are based on Lithuanian interwar culinary traditions. Some people can have some nostalgic memories and may call it „smetoniška cuisine“. Every dish from the menu TERRITORY & TRADITIONS is served not only in a modern way but also according to the requirements of a healthy diet.

TOWARDS THE MEDITERRANEAN SEA has a taste of Italy. It is made according to the principles of the Mediterranean diet, which were recognized as a timeless heritage of the world’s culture by the UNESCO. The food is as little thermally processed as possible, dishes from durum wheat flour, rice, cereal crops, various types of cheese and, of course, the most important element of the healthy living pyramid is extra virgin olive oil. SPA VILNIUS brought this product from Spain, the Province of Toledo. We are happy that a kitchen chef Simone De Santis from Italy gave us a hand while making the menu TOWARDS THE MEDITERRANEAN SEA. During his stay in Druskininkai, this young, gifted chef shared his experience and revealed some secrets from Italian kitchen for our restaurant team.

A new SPA VILNIUS restaurant follows the principles of global gastronomy movement SLOW FOOD. Communication with farmers from Dzūkija and other Lithuanian regions has started and it will continue in the future. Such aspects as geographical origin of products, vegetables, meat and other products, famer’s names, surnames make a difference in new gastronomic guidelines of SPA VILNIUS.

CIBUS restaurant dress code - smart casual.

CIBUS dinner 18 €

If you have your meals in the buffet, you can change your dinner for an extra charge of 3 € per day.

Advance dining reservation. Dining are limited.

CIBUS dinner:
18:00 – 21:00


ou can choose a vegetarian menu at your convenience. Please, address the administrator if you want to see it.