Coffee breaks

An exotic “Semiramide“ winter garden is next to the conference centre. Its name and interior composition remind of one of the seven wanders of the world – the hanging Gardens of Babylon. The oasis of greenary and water, decor of Babylon gates, appearing in ceramics and tapestry material, make a great surrounding for coffee breaks or parties.

Coffee, tea, milk, brown sugar
Oatmeal  cookies with sesame seeds

20 g

Coffee, tea, milk, brown sugar
Carrot cupcakes with sea buckthorn puree

20 g

Coffee, tea, milk, brown sugar
Warm rolls (flour gluten free) with pears and lingonberry

40 g

Coffee, tea, milk, brown sugar
Courgette and pumpkin spread with SPA yeast free bread

40 g

Coffee, tea, milk, sugar
Double sandwich with Lithuanian sausage
Seasonal fruit

80 g / 100 g

Coffee, tea, milk, sugar
Fresh tuna and olive oil salad served in glasses

80 g / 30 g

Coffee, tea, milk, mashed cranberries with honey
Courgette and CHIA (Spanish sage) seed spread with warm SPA bread
Dried fruit and nuts

80 g / 50 g

Mineral water “Rasa“

330 ml

Herbal tea with mineral water


Mashed cranberries with honey

30 g

Mashed sea buckthorn with honey

30 g

Homemade truffles

10 g

Freshly squeezed juice

200 ml

Fresh cut fruit with yogurt “Dobilas” and natural honey

150 g

Healthy green cocktail
(ginger, courgette, spinach, freshly squeezed apple juice)

200 g

Dried fruit, nuts and natural honey

40 g

Homemade fruit ice - cream
(bilberry, raspberry, strawberry, curd)

100 g

Cakes with a company‘s logo are made on the request

1 kg

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