Druskininkai serves the king of breakfast

From now on the breakfast table at SPA VILNIUS in Druskininkai takes after New York – our restaurant guests are now welcome to enjoy Egss Benedict, referred to as the king of breakfast by chefs and gourmets all around the world.

Everyone is crazy about this breakfast dish which is rarely made at home due to the time, knowledge and skill that is required to prepare it properly. Wikipedia claims that the recipe comes from New York.

Apart from this questionable “birth certificate”, we know very little of its true origin. Some say that the Pope Benedict III, who loved eggs and toast, followed a specific diet that made the dish known. Also, the Pope would flavour it with some lemon sauce.

Another legends involves LeGrand Benedict, a regular visitor of the restaurant Delmononico’s in New York. One day she came for lunch but found nothing to her liking, so she asked the chef to invent something new. In order to please the customer, the chef devised a recipe for Egss Benedict and even included it into his book published in 1894.

If you are bored of everything, just like Mrs. LeGrand Benedict was, come and try the Eggs Benedict prepared by our chefs – you will be pleasantly surprised!