For Your rest – the highest security standart of COVID-19. Read more

For Your rest – the highest security standart of COVID-19

Dear guests,
Thank you for entrusting your rest to SPA VILNIUS! Sincerely hope that we will please you with the quality of our services..

In order to ensure a safe environment, please follow these guidelines during your stay:

  • to wear a protective mask when you are in SPA VILNIUS premises (mandatory from 2020 08 01, except for the swimming pool​);

  • observe personal hygiene rules (hand hygiene, cough and sneeze etiquette);

  • comply with social distancing rules;

  • in order to ensure the safety of our guests and completely disinfect the rooms, check-in begins at 15:00;

  • in accordance with the decision No. V-1884 of 22/08/2020 by the Operations Manager, we are no longer serving a buffet, however, this will not affect the choice of dishes that the restaurant staff at the buffet tables will be happy to serve you.

  • we adjust the flow of guests at breakfast, so upon arrival we will ask you to choose the exact breakfast time;

  • we will all be safer if we limit the number of people per restaurant table to five, exceptions will be made for family members, who can sit in larger groups.;

  • please be punctual when you come in for treatments and avoid waiting in the spa area. Our employees are also prepared to ask you to come from your room;

  • we recommend paying for services with a bank card.

For the safety of you, us and our other guests:

  • when you arrive, we will ask you to fill in a declaration regarding your health condition;

  • we are forgoing decorative elements in the rooms;

  • for mineral and drinking water, we suggest bringing your own bottle or purchasing one of ours;

  • we disinfect surfaces in common areas every 2 hours, and the necessary disinfectants are also available for your use;

  • we monitor and regulate breakfast, lunch, dinner and pool traffic;

  • in accordance with all safety requirements, we provide temporary catering services on a semi-buffet basis, and lunch is served at tables;

  • in order to ensure high-quality disinfection of treatment rooms after each client, we have extended the breaks between treatments.

Cooperation is key, so we sincerely hope that our joint efforts will help keep the environment safe.