HIIT workouts and a special diet

New! Personal attention, safety and efficiency at SPA VILNIUS Druskininkai

SPA VILNIUS Druskininkai offers its guests a fast-growing worldwide innovation – HIIT workouts and a special diet: intermittent fasting.

HIIT – what is it

The HIIT abbreviation denotes short, higher intensity interval workouts. Usually, their involve 30-second exercise up to the maximum individual physical limit and a 30-second rest, during which the body regains strength and normalizes heart rate. Then, the workout is repeated. The workout is only done with a physiotherapist, who initially evaluates the physical preparation, health options of a person to make the HIIT training safe.

SPA VILNIUS Druskininkai has two gyms, so a person, having consulted with the coach, may decide to work with exercise equipment or with their body weight. Various exercise equipment are used: imitating cycling, rowing, climbing, etc. Exercising with the body weight involves physical exercises, such as deep squats, short runs (sprints), and the like. Of course, if the weather is good, the coach will invite you to work out outdoors, breathing fresh air in the Druskininkai pine forest.

What is intermittent fasting?

Choosing HIIT workouts as physical activity results in good results by following intermittent fasting recommendations. All-day food is consumed within 8-10 hours. The rest of the day is only fasting. Eating regimen, time for workout, type and amount of food should be discussed with a dietician. Several studies have confirmed the efficacy and health benefits of HIIT and intermittent fasting.

For example, we eat for the first time at 11 o’clock and the last one – at 7 o’clock in the evening. During that time, HIIT workout is done.

Health benefits

HIIT and intermittent fasting are not a new methodology, but are currently being studied extensively in clinical trials; more and more scientific articles on the benefits of this combination to human health and psychological well-being are being published.

The specialists of SPA VILNIUS have been guided by the latest scientific knowledge in developing this program.

Our goal is to teach people to do their workouts correctly, choosing the right place for it. The best results are achieved after about 4 weeks of training.

What is it intended for?

HIIT workouts and intermittent fasting are first and foremost recommended for healthy, athletic individuals who want to improve their body tone, reduce weight, and try this new thing themselves.

We also recommend these training sessions for those who have come to SPA VILNIUS Druskininkai for the purpose of detoxification or weight reduction. If a person sits at work, suffers from overweight, stress or tension, does not have much time for special physical activity, it is a great opportunity to become active and get the desired results in a relatively short time.

Before starting the workout, the guest is consulted by a nutritionist, who creates an individual diet plan and treatment according to the needs and health condition. Physiotherapist tests, evaluates physical possibilities to perform HIIT workouts. In case of a more complicated health condition, the necessary research is carried out by a physician of physical medicine and rehabilitation.

Added SPA value

For best results, we recommend using the services of SPA center – massages, baths, wraps, saunas.

On the training day, we offer SPA VILNIUS classic or ESPA aromatherapy massage, various baths.  On the next day – Swedish massage or anti-cellulite massage.