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Information for travellers from abroad related to the state of emergency

We are deeply sorry for the recent events in Ukraine and offer our condolences to the families of the victims and all the people in Ukraine.

Replying to the questions asked by some of our foreign guests, we inform that the situation in Lithuania is calm, everyday activities continue normally and we are ready to welcome the guests travelling from abroad.

For Russian Federation citizens the issuance of visas has been suspended since 24th of February 2022 by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania.

On 24th of February, the state of emergency was declared in Lithuania. However, it doesn’t change the arrival procedures to the country or daily life in Lithuania in any significant way. As Lithuanian Prime Minister said, the state of emergency will not involve significant restrictions. “We need to provide conditions for state institutions to react to situations in the area of infrastructure, to use state reserve fund.”

In case there would be any news, relevant for our foreign guests planning to visit SPA VILNIUS, we will provide all the necessary information to all our guests. In case you would like to consult with us, please call us at +370 313 53811 or email