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We take measures to protect you from coronavirus

Even before the first case of coronavirus was registered in Lithuania, SPA VILNIUS hotels and SPA centres had taken preventive measures using one of the most definitive and up-to-date cruise ship infection control guidelines to contribute to the prevention of coronavirus and its management in our country.

Suspension of bookings for citizens from high-risk countries (China, Hong Kong, Iran, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Austria, Denmark, Netherlands, Switzerland and Egypt) and Lithuanians who have recently visited these countries in order to avoid the slightest chance of bringing the virus to Lithuania.

Topical issues – fear and ignorance

Having familiarized ourselves with the opinions of experts in virology at the World Health Organization, we subsequently noticed that people fear the virus greatly due to the lack of knowledge and trust, and, especially, different information presented to them about the virus, mainly, how it spreads and what to do. Therefore, we decided to spread the knowledge among our employees, guests and colleagues. Fun fact: today, within 3 hours, our customers have pocketed 3 bottles of disinfectant from the public areas of SPA VILNIUS. Our company has a strong focus on social responsibility and sees this type of behaviour simply as a sign that our customers are concerned about the situation, emotional and possibly unaware of what measures should be taken.

We can do better if we act together

Given the different information pumped through various media outlets, it is very important to remain calm and evaluate the situation rationally, which always leads to more successful results. We believe that the decision of SPA VILNIUS to take preventive measures, disseminate information and share our real action plan with others will benefit not only our employees and guests but also our family members and friends, as well as their families. 

In order to react to the latest information, we have appointed responsible individuals in each unit to follow and share the World Health Organization messages with the whole team. Also, we have gathered information regarding the past overseas trips of our teams’ members and increased observation periods to 3 weeks. We are also helping them to plan their future trips and prevent potential risks. Even though the real danger is very small at the moment, we believe that preventive measures go a long way.
As of today, we can confirm that no SPA VILNIUS employee has visited any of the WHO designated high risk countries within a period of 3 weeks and has not been in contact with potentially infected individuals.

Taking our business very seriously, we agreed with our staff to follow the recommendation of avoiding mass gatherings.

Hygiene – from the moment you arrive till the moment you leave

Regular ventilation of premises, constant use of disinfectants indoors, cleaning of countertops, door handles and handrails to eliminate germs are the standard procedures in SPA VILNIUS hotels and SPA centres. However, to reduce the threat even further, we increased the number of preventive procedures (from 5 to 12 times a day) in our premises based on one of the strictest 293-page-long cruise ship infection control guidelines. Also, we have procured sufficient quantities of disinfection products so that our guests and staff can immediately use disinfectants once they enter SPA VILNIUS closed spaces to further reduce the likelihood of transmitting any type of virus.

Ensuring food quality in restaurants

We reviewed our food suppliers for the restaurants in Druskininkai and Anykščiai and thoroughly checked the origin of animal products. In addition, we improved our standards for supervising the right cooking and serving temperature to ensure that the food has definitely reached the right temperature during cooking.

In order to further reduce the risk of developing and suffering from a serious form of the disease, we encourage our staff and guests to strengthen their immunity.

We support the position expressed by specialists that it is worth limiting travelling to certain regions and support Lithuania’s decision to declare a preventive state of emergency which will help to quickly deploy all preventive measures and keep the possibility of catching coronavirus in Lithuania very low. By working together, we can create a safe environment, while Lithuania’s location, sometimes referred to as remote, can serve as a great asset.

Collaboration is essential, and we sincerely believe that our best preventive practices and those of others will keep the environment safe for ourselves and our loved ones.