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Amber bath

Treatment is not suitable for:
After meal
Duration : 15min.

Often suffer from tension and cold symptoms? Or simply love yourself and take care of your health? Amber bath, a unique peerless treatment, will help to restore the emotional balance, activate secretion of "happiness hormones" and the protective immunity function. This is a perfect preventive and rehabilitation measure for people with digestive, peripheral nervous system disorders, skin diseases, support-locomotor and other disorders.

Amber bath treatment consists of amber therapy, phytotherapy, balneotherapy and hydro massage. You can enjoy hydro massage, breathe a healing bath steam mixture and recover strength in a pleasantly warm bath of high mineralisation, enriched with herbs and special amber water.

The healing, biologically active phyto-organic substances which gain access to the body by inhalation or by dermal route strengthen the organism, stimulate secretion of serotonin and other hormones. Take care of your physical and emotional health and allow yourself to enjoy the gifts of nature.

Progress and therapeutic effects of the amber bath treatment:

  • With your body up to the mid chest immersed in the bath you can comfortably relax and enjoy the pearly and hydro massage. If some areas of your body are painful, it is recommended to rub them with bags containing pieces of amber which will be given to you by your therapist. Thus, you will activate the healing processes.
  • The main used herbs are purple coneflower and motherwort. Probably you know that coneflower is one of the most effective phyto immunostimulants and is characterised by anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antiviral effects. Motherwort which is a part of the composition reduces nervous irritability, blood pressure, pulse frequency, improves sleep, relieves heart pains.
  • Amber has antibacterial effects, improves bioenergetic and metabolism processes, harmonises the endocrine system performance and supports the immune functions.
  • The therapy lasts for around 15 min.  After getting out of the amber bath, it is recommended to gently dry oneself and quietly rest for 30 minutes. Thus, the active substances remaining on the skin will be easier absorbed and the organism will easier absorb them. Another treatment should be enjoyed after 1.5–2 hours.

Having consulted a specialist, you can enjoy the therapy every second day according to the established cycle. Please note that you should not eat 40–45 minutes to the treatment.

Benefits of the amber bath for you:

  • It will support your immune functions, you will "recharge" your energy and regain your joy in life due to release of "happiness hormones";
  • It will activate your blood circulation and decrease anti-inflammatory processes;
  • It will help to normalise the digestive system.

We recommend to address a physician or our specialists for the treatments.

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