SPA VILNIUS gastronomy


SPA VILNIUS treats guests with different kinds of freshly baked bread, rolls, biscuits and pies. Hand made truffles have already turned to be a legent and tradition to those guests who go to the SPA bar during every their visit. The product tastes perfect because of the best quality flour, seeds, chocolate and other ingredients with no artificial food additives used. If you have a wish to take a piece of SPA VILNIUS home or to make somebody happy with healthy treats, let the staff at the reception desk or the restaurantmanager know about it. Your desirible treat will be ready for the next day.


Signature herbal teas


You can try patented herbal teas: Strength, Just For men, Peace, Freshness, Resistance, Heart, SPA VILNIUS, which aremade according to assoc. prof. Petras Dagilis‘ recommendations and served in the SPA bar. Names of the teas are already prompting about their effects. Properly balanced ecological herbs make a perfect combination of a tasty and healthy choice after SPA treatments. Ingredients for the teas are supplied by a herbalist Antanas Leskus (Raseiniai district), who has grown and dried different herbs for many years.


Green shoots


Everyone associates them with spring, freshness and life. You will get a clue of spring with a prawn and sunflower shoot coctail in the SPA bar. Besides, you can start your morning with several spoons of green shoot juice freshly squeezed by a special slow juicer during your breakfast time.