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SPA wellness conference

We will provide you and your team with so much more than just a work space, a screen, a projector, and a white board. We create the most productive environment by taking into account the goals of your conference. We know that the physical factors and the surrounding environment have a great impact on a person’s mental activity and emotions, so we try to appeal to all 5 senses of each of your team members:

  1. Vision – experience the picturesque Druskininkai resort, the city square and the relaxation area with a waterfall.
  2. Hearing – listen to the custom-made soundtracks in your work space and enjoy the wind rustling the pines.
  3. Touch – indulge in massages given by our SPA specialists during breaks and have a barefoot stroll through the pine-cone-path.
  4. Taste – enjoy culinary treats that boost your productivity and discover the different mineral waters as well as our “revolutionary” steaks.
  5. Smell – relax with the aromatherapy games and learn to breathe properly with breathing exercises during breaks between work sessions.

Interesting facts

  • In 2017–2018, the SPA VILNIUS Druskininkai conference centre hosted the first Sustainable Business conferences in Lithuania. Conference attendees did not use paper or plastic utensils, and the menus offered only vegetarian dishes made from locally grown organic ingredients.
  • We are happy and proud that SPA VILNIUS was the first in Druskininkai and the fifth in Lithuania to be awarded the Green Key eco-label. We are the only ones in Lithuania offering accommodation and wellness services that meet these high-standard environmental requirements.
  • All SPA VILNIUS guests and conference participants are offered fresh pastries and bread! All confectionery wonders are made by our chefs! Therefore, during coffee breaks, we surprise our guests with healthy, fresh and unique flavours.
  • Research in Japan has shown that the smell of coffee alone helps to reduce stress. Also, it helps to increase one’s productivity, especially when lacking sleep. Both the aroma of the coffee and the coffee itself increases reaction speed and attentiveness – also, it improves logical decision-making. To this end, SPA VILNIUS offers only the highest quality coffee from Salvador during conferences.

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