Thematic dinner

You are welcome to try a variety of exclusive dishes from different European regions, such as Spain, Italy, France, Greece and, of course, Lithuania in our buffet during Friday dinner.

On Spanish day you are welcome to try Gazpacho soup, colourful paella with sea food, pie with peanut butter and caramelised bananas.

On Italian day you can enjoy Italian soup with meatballs and focaccia bread, classic Italian lasagne, Tuscan pizza and biscotti.

On French day – French onion soup, French quiche with chicken and mushrooms, French potato bake, Parisian flan and florentines.

On Greek day – cold Greek soups, eggplant rolls stuffed with rice, Greek potato snack with beef, coffee flavoured drinkable jelly, salad with Greek feta cheese, white almond nougat.

On Lithuanian day – cepelinai with meat, potato pie with cracklings, pork loin with chanterelles, nettle soup with pearl barley and mushrooms, roast white curd cheese with honey, home baked brown bread and bread kvass, traditional honey pie.

You can find a particular dinner menu at the SPA VILNIUS restaurant.

Themed dinner topics could be found here.