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New for the season - programme "Autumn Mosaic"

Feeling like your vacation never happened, and summer is now just a memory? Worries are weighing you down again, and your body feels fatigued? SPA VILNIUS is here to help you forget both the calendar and your concerns. SPA treatments, massages, and beauty rituals – exactly what you need for the autumn season.

  • Cactus bristle body brushing (dry brushing) and gel scrub
    Natural cactus bristle body brush, crafted from Mexican cactus bristles, enhances blood circulation, sweeps away dead cells, revealing a smoother, softer, and more radiant skin layer. ESPA Exfoliating Body Polish, a luxurious gel scrub, nourishes, softens, smoothens, and revitalises the skin, while its delightful aroma relaxes and uplifts your mood.
  • Body wrap and head massage
    A wrap infused with seaweed, enriched with vitamins, minerals, and essential oils, provides deep skin hydration and mineralisation. During the wrap, enjoy a tension-relieving head massage with ESPA Pink Hair & Scalp Mud, a nourishing pink clay mask that will completely relax your mind and erase any remnants of a bad mood.
  • SPA VILNIUS Classic Back Massage 
    This classic massage will rejuvenate not only your body but also your thoughts. The SPA VILNIUS classic massage is one of the most popular and frequently chosen therapies, as it wonderfully relaxes all body muscles, granting a sense of lightness.
  • Foot revival with Margaret Dabbs
    Pumice granules perfectly exfoliate your feet, while crushed tea tree leaves act as an excellent antibacterial scrub. Concentrated and creamy in texture, it eliminates dead skin cells, restores, while emu oil hydrates, beautifies, and improves your skin's condition.

Duration 100 min. Price 125 €