Anti-cellulite treatment „Beauty & Health“

Treatment is not suitable for:
After meal
Duration: 70min.

Each of us wishes to be healthy and beautiful, right? One of such health and beauty wreckers is cellulite. Do you know that products containing Aloe Vera which has been known to all of us for a very long time may be particularly effectively used for prevention and treatment of cellulite? This plant has been valued throughout the world since the times of ancient civilisations.

Anti-cellulite treatment "Beauty & Health" combined the unique healing powers of Aloe Vera and massage of different techniques. We recommend to try it if you:

  • Wish to reduce or avoid cellulate appearance;
  • Seek to reduce overweight;
  • Want to firm your skin after the diet or weight loss.

This treatment starts with dry massage of problem areas. The firming body cream is applied o the skin and the skin is wrapped with a film. While you lie wrapped and warmly covered, the feel massage which will help to relax, deduce fatigue and tension will be performed. When the film is removed, a conditioning cream is applied on the problem areas of the skin.

Effects of Anti-cellulite treatment "Beauty & Health" which will be visible not only to you:

  • Improves all functions of the skin;
  • The warming, soothing, firming cream enriched with Aloe Vera and other herb extracts will take care of the tone and appearance of your skin and the conditioning cream will make it smooth and soft;
  • After the feet massage you will feel rested and relaxed.

After this treatment your are recommended not to take a shower or bath for four hours. Also you should drink more water, since the organism will start to get rid of toxins and excess fluids more actively.


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