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Margaret Dabbs SPA manicure

Treatment is not suitable for:
Duration : 60min.

Margaret Dabbs SPA manicure which is probably the most luxurious treatment for hands can be enjoyed only in SPA VILNIUS centres. The manicure combines international experience of the famous specialist Margaret Dabbs and offered products "with full heart", i.e. carefulness and thoroughness, of our SPA masters.

Margaret Dabbs London is a luxurious and special trade mark valued in the whole world and represented in the Baltic States only by SPA VILNIUS. Thus, you can try one of the main and most exclusive components of Margaret Dabbs products, i.e. emu oil, only here. This is a pure and natural product which has been valued for its therapeutic properties by the Australian Aboriginals for many centuries.

Don't let anyone to guess your age from your hand skin.

Progress of the treatment:

  • Nails are shaped using a nail file of the chosen size.
  • Cuticles around nails and nails are covered by Margaret Dabbs nourishing serum.
  • Cuticles around the nails are gently pushed back using a spatula and, if necessary, cuticles are clipped.
  • Nails are thoroughly cleaned and polished using a Margaret Dabbs nail file and covered with intense care moisturing oil.
  • The hand skin is exfoliated with deeply cleansing hand scrub by massage movements and immersed into a warm water and nurturing wash bath.
  • Upper parts of palms are covered with an intense anti-ageing Margaret Dabbs hand serum.
  • Palm massage with Margaret Dabbs moisturising lotion and protecting sprayer is performed.
  • Expert recommendations and advice on further care are provided.

Effects of the treatment:

  • Stimulates skin regeneration and slows dow ageing processes;
  • Moisturises and refreshes hand skin;
  • Improves nail condition, enriches them with micronutrients;
  • Gives a real sense of relaxation.

Recommended: this treatment is recommended once per 2-3 weeks.


“This is probably one of the cosiest hotels I've stayed at, concerning the appearance of the rooms. I really enjoyed the heаlthy and extremely wide menu as well as the variety of different SPA procedures one can choose.”