Relaxing amber facial therapy

Treatment is not suitable for:
After meal
Duration: 60min.

People have been interested in this mineral, which is reminiscent of the sun and emits warmth in your hand, since time immemorial. Amber is valued not only for the uniqueness of its origin and its amazing ability to “adapt” to the most expensive jewellery, but also for its medicinal properties. This stone calms and warms us, and its “sunny” colour relaxes us and lifts our mood.

When it touches the skin, amber emits warmth, as if charging the cell, and giving it the power to renew and function in a healthy, quality manner. This is especially important for our protective skin barrier and its ability to regenerate, and for increased metabolism and rejuvenation.

Relaxing amber facial therapy is a wonderful opportunity to take advantage of the amazing properties of “Lithuanian gold” – amber; to give yourself a moment of beauty, and pamper both your body and your senses.

The treatment

  • Specialist consultation and discussion of the treatment;
  • Relaxing neck, shoulder, shoulder blade and chest massage;
  • Movements affecting the nervous system;
  • Activation of the circulatory and lymphatic systems with amber sticks;
  • Improving muscle tone and reducing tension with amber sticks;
  • Final neck, shoulder, shoulder blade, chest and face massage.

The outcome

  • This is a massage that relaxes the entire body.
  • The treatment reduces psycho-emotional tension and increases the body’s resistance to stress.
  • It effectively eliminates fatigue and puts you in the mood for full, active mental and physical activity.
  • By combining the unique properties of amber with massage techniques such as ChiroMassage, lymphatic drainage and neurosomatic massage, tense facial, neck and shoulder muscles are relaxed and the skin condition improves.

Relaxing amber facial therapy is recommended for people suffering from muscle tension and stress, and for physical and emotional fatigue. It is also a good choice for those looking to improve the condition of their facial, neck and chest skin, and regain spiritual balance and inner harmony.


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