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SPA etiquette

SPA etiquette consists of some rules or standards of behavior which one should know before going to any SPA and which make people too shy to ask about.

  • Come to a SPA treatment at least 15 minutes before it starts. Leave some time for yourself to register, change your clothes to more comfortable ones and relax. You are kindly asked to respect the time meant for your treatment. If you are late, the time for your treatment can be shorter or it cannot be performed at all.
  • You must inform our staff about the medicine you take, which may affect the treatment itself.
  • Use the whole time set for your rest and relaxation in the SPA. You are insistently asked not to take any electric appliances (mobile phones, tablets, laptops, etc.) to the SPA premises.
  • It is recommended to wear a special clothing and footwear, i. e.: slippers or another comfortable indoor footwear in the SPA.
  • A warm shower before any treatment will be perfect for relaxation and will make the procedure even more pleasant.
  • We do not recommend to start a treatment with an empty stomach or straight away after a meal. Avoid heavy meals at least one hour before a treatment.
  • If you book a massage or a body treatment or are going to go to the sauna we recommend you to drink more. A sufficient amount of liquids in a body will guarantee a maximum detoxification effect.
  • Alcohol and treatments cannot be mixed together, do not use any alcohol before procedures or straight after them.
  • Avoid shaving or depilation treatments on a day of treatment, especially if you are planning to have a body scrub. Used substances can irritate your skin.
  • It is recommended to come to treatments without any make up.
  • At the beginning of a treatments you must inform a staff member about your health problems which can affect the treatment itself. Not all treatments are suitable for absolutely everyone.
  • You must inform in a case of pregnancy, as we will choose the appropriate procedure for mothers-to-be.
  • If you wear contact lenses you must inform about them before a facial treatment starts.