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ESPA Balinese massage

Treatment is not suitable for:
After meal
Duration : 60app.min.

This is a particularly pleasant and relaxing treatment. The substance of the massage are long, warming strokes ensuring full tranquillity, relaxation and well-being. The massage is a national Balinese tradition with deep roots. It might even be said that this is the Balinese lifestyle. The majority of SPA treatments are typical namely in this wonderful island.

Besides, the main ingredient of each Balinese massage with which the treatment starts is a smile. Thus, if you have decided to escape from everyday reality for some time and try our Balinese massage, you should be ready not only for deep relaxation but also for good mood. We promise you deep rest and an hour full of wonderful aromas only with yourself and your body and a smile which will not leave your face for a long time.

Effects of this unique treatment:

  • The body fully relaxes when a pleasantly warm aromatherapy oil is poured on the body and massaged into the skin by stretching and stroking movements;
  • Calms down not only body but also mind. Relieves tension, anxiety and depressive mood;
  • Restores physical and spiritual strength;
  • Solves insomnia problems;
  • Improves functioning of the internal organs;
  • Boosts the immune function.

This treatment affects three levels: physical, spiritual and emotional. During the Balinese massage such parts of the body as neck, shoulder strap, legs, arms and stomach are massaged. After the treatment you will receive useful advice on the day regime appropriate to you which, if observed, will strengthen the rejuvenating effects of the massage. The professional will also provide recommendations on a cycle of other treatments.

The treatment is not recommended during pregnancy period.


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