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Mineral bath „Vilnius“

Treatment is not suitable for:
After meal
Duration : 15min.

Do you have days were you simply don't want to do anything and only to settle in a warm bath and escape from the bustle of city? If yes, you should not bother to search for bath products, you should simply come to SPA VILNIUS where you will be taken care of. You will have double benefit: special relaxation, calming down and even boosting of the immune system.

Mineral water bath "Vilnius" helps to regain energy, cheerfulness, calms down flustering thoughts and brings you here and life in the present moment.

The treatment may also be prescribed for therapeutical purposes, since it improves blood circulation, positively affects the nervous system and harmonises physiological functions of the organism. It relieves pain and trains the cardiovascular system.

Progress and effects of bath "Vilnius":

  • After familiarising yourself with the treatment, you will enjoy the pearly massage and whirlpool water massage with your body up to the mid chest immersed in warm water (36º - 38º C). After the therapy you will continue your relaxation in a rest room for 30 min.
  • The salts from mineral water deposited on your skin during the bath "Vilnius" constitutes an active "coat". For this reason, the effects of the treatment further continues for around 2 hours or even longer. Thus, it is recommended not to take a shower for one hour and only to dry oneself with a towel.
  •  The water therapy has tranquillising effects and relaxes tight muscles. Active particles absorbed by the body help organs to recover and supports the immune function.

Recommendations: replace your "home" baths with therapeutic baths whenever you can and feel how the days when you feel tired become rarer and experience stress not so often.


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