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Restaurant MIŠKE

Inspired by the best restaurants in the country, SPA VILNIUS Anykščiai transformed its restaurant concept, changed the menu and named the restaurant MIŠKE – for families and stories.

‘The new name refers to the unique location – we are situated in the legendary forest of Anykščiai. It’s as if the restaurant cuts the umbilical cord from the SPA hotel and becomes an independent gastronomic object, the centre of gravity that the whole resort of Anykščiai benefits from,’ said Martyna Levickytė, manager of the restaurant MIŠKE. The separate design, logo and other visual elements are created by the creative agency New! According to the manager, it’s as though the forest itself enters the restaurant and leaves its trace on the menu, dishware, table setting and even the manner of serving.

For example, restaurant guests can delight in handmade plates with flower ornaments as well as pine and fir branches stamped into their surface. When presenting the menu, the chef Matas Žiliukas emphasizes that each dish contains something completely natural, something that comes straight from the forest. MIŠKE makes meals with fir mayonnaise, pine oil, rowan, sea buckthorn, red bilberries and various mushrooms. ‘To surprise our guests, we combine luxurious elements with the natural ones,’ said the head of the kitchen team. ‘For instance, you can have oysters with a classic dressing or the Mignonette dressing with sea buckthorn – you will not find it anywhere else in Lithuania.’ Fresh vegetables and fruit come from a well-kept private garden, and the rest of the produce come from local farmers.

‘A Lithuanian associates forests with mushrooms,’ says the chef, ‘so no wonder that the favourite dish in autumn and winter is the creamy boletus soup with fried marinated boletus.’ The list of season’s hits include beef tenderloin, burger with ground beef and burger with shredded venison.

Martyna Levickytė notes that most SPA VILNIUS Anykščiai visitors are families – young ones and ones that include a few generations – and friends with families; also, it hosts numerous family celebrations. This is why the slogan of the restaurant is “For families and stories”. The family vibe also led to an additional part in the menu with meals to share – they are great for a group of people. These include: lamb shank with juniper berries; fried buttered pumpkin with quinoa, vegetables and goat cheese; Spanish paella with king prawns, chicken and vegetables; dry-matured beef entrecôte; beef balls stewed in tomatoes; assorted seafood.

The restaurant of SPA VILNIUS Anykščiai is proud of its renovated, larger and cosier interior, but mostly of its exceptional cuisine, appreciated by its customers.

The restaurant is divided into the Great Hall, the Small Hall and the Summer Terrace. The Small Hall is perfect for private evenings, birthdays and other celebrations, The Summer Terrace, surrounded by the Anykščiai forest, is the best place to enjoy remarkable meals and the peace of the woodland.

On the weekends, our guests are welcome to listen to live music played by professional musicians.

The cosy Great Hall offers healthy European meals made from carefully selected products from the SPA VILNIUS eco-garden, located next to the restaurant, as well as local farms and reliable suppliers that maintain the highest standards.