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SPA bath ritual „Lithuanian Forest“

Treatment is not suitable for:
After meal
Duration : 20min.

Toning SPA Ritual

Just a few minutes walk in the forest will bring you strength, boost your mood and relax. Particularly useful is a walk through the coniferous forest. The therapeutic effects of evergreen pines are known and appreciated since ancient times.

We invite you to enjoy a special ritual that combines the pleasure of a relaxing bath with a healing, amber-enriched coniferous forest. Pine resin, which has turned into this special material over millions of years, is titled as Lithuanian pride, not only has not lost its therapeutic effect, but has been further concentrated and purified. Amber effectively calms, suppresses fears and depression, restores physical and spiritual forces and embraces with relaxing heat.

Be sure to try this procedure if you're tired of:

  • Skin diseases;

  • Rheumatism;

  • Gout;

  • Overweight;

  • Digestive disorders;

  • Pathology of moving apparatus;

  • Psychological tension and fatigue;

  • Respiratory System Pathology.

How does the ritual enriched with the powers of the Lithuanian Forest and Amber take place?

  • You will immerse yourself in the warm mineralized water bath, relaxing by the murmurous pearl massage bubbles and enriched with the extract of pine needles, the aroma of which will take your thoughts to the spacious, sunny pine forest. A bit later you will be covered with an amber application and will be offered a glass of water.

  • Another pleasant procedure will be waiting for you after the forest bath. After drying Yourself with a linen towel and a settling comfortably in an armchair, You will be able to enjoy the foot therapy. This is a combination of refreshing foot gel and relaxing massage movements that will help you fully immerse yourself in the peace.

Effects of Lithuanian Forest bath on the body:

  • Calms down and relaxes;

  • Promotes recovery and healing processes at the cellular level;

  • Eliminates bacteria and fungi;

  • Removes free radicals;

  • Normalizes bioenergetic processes in the body.

After this ritual, we advise you to spend some time in the relaxation area and drink more water.


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