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Thai slimming massage

Treatment is not suitable for:
After meal
Duration : 60min.

Particularly effective slimming massage based on the Thai traditions will perfectly correct the body shape. This treatment is performed using special Thai oils which stimulate removal of fats, toxins and accumulated excess fluids from the organism. By virtue of unique massage technique, the functions of the damaged tissues are normalised, supply of oxygen and nutrients to the tissus are promoted, carbon dioxide and toxins are removed and smooth functioning of the lymphatic system is supported.

Progress of the Thai slimming massage and effects on the organism:

  • The massage is started with the feet, continued towards calves and up.
  • A special oil with the help of which toxins are drained from the organism and all systems of the organism are positively affected is applied on the body.
  • The massage relaxes muscles, stimulates the surface and deep tissues, activates lymph circulation and blood circulation.
  • This massage is unique in that during the massage not only palms but also forearms and full body are used and gentle twisting movements and deep stretching exercises gradually turn into intensive acupressure. 
  • The Thai massage has incredible calming effects, restores the balance of the organism.
  • This massages slows down ageing processes, improves the general well-being, lifts the spirits and even posture of the body.

The Thai slimming massage is one of the most effective measures for fight against cellulite, since itis performed using specific deep and strong massage movements and special slimming massage oils by virtue of which not only surface skin layer but also deep skin layer are affected, metabolism is promoted, fat deposits is dissolved, the skin is smoothed and firmed.

Combining of the appropriate diet and exercises and regular application of this massage therapy allows achieving particularly good results, i.e. smoother and firmer skin, more graceful and beautiful body shape.


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