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In accordance with the decision No. V-1884 of 22/08/2020 by the Operations Manager, we are no longer serving a buffet, however, this will not affect the choice of dishes that the restaurant staff at the buffet tables will be happy to serve you.

Breakfast (buffet) is known for its perfect menu – distinctive, delicate, healthy dishes, made of the freshest ingredients, a wide range of snacks and dishes as well as tasty vegetables, salads and fruit. During every meal our guests are offered freshly baked rolls, bread, sweets and biscuits, baked according to original recipes by SPA VILNIUS bakers. Every guest has a possibility to choose from a variety of pancakes, start a day with scrambled eggs or omelette, fried with chosen favorite ingredients, order freshly squeezed fruit, vegetable or wheatgrass juice.

I-V 8.00-10.00
VI-VII 8.00-11.00