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Paraffin application for hands & feet

Duration : 15min.

Not only women but also men dream about soft and beautiful hand skin. In particular, those who understand that gentle touch is worth more than gold and well-groomed hands determine even stronger confidence of colleagues. Unfortunately, usual creams are not always sufficient; thus, we recommend a much more effective method, i.e. paraffin application for hands.

The result is visible even after the first treatment. Thus, if your hand skin is not very exhausted from cold and dry or too damp air, individual therapies will be sufficient. However, if your skin is cracked and it requires more intense treatment, the physician will prescribe optimal cycle for you.

Have cold hand? Paraffin application will also be helpful to you. Activated blood circulation returns pleasant warmth and the appropriate cycle of treatments will help to naturally restore blood circulation.

The beauty and healthy appearance of feet often suffers due to uncomfortable footwear, intense physical load and other external factors. Thus, if you really care of your fee, try the paraffin application. If you have already tried it, probably you will agree that the results are visible and felt immediately after the therapy.

Paraffin has been used for treatment and cosmetic purposes for a long time. Thus, it is valuable due to stimulation of blood circulation, detoxification effects, tissue regeneration promotion and other important properties.

If you often have cold feet, the paraffin application therapy cycle may return warmth and activate blood circulation in feet. This therapy is particularly relevant in the cold season where more passive rhythm of life slows blood circulation and lymph circulation.


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