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SPA VILNIUS classic massage

Treatment is not suitable for:
After meal
Duration : 60min.

Classics preserves essential values and real benefit; thus, SPA VILNIUS professionals have applied the author's massage technique and have pampered their customers already for more than 12 years. This is like our business card but its contents is associated with incredible feelings and high quality relaxation.

If you have tried this massage, probably you will want to enjoy it again and again and if you have not felt the professional and healing touch of hands of our masters, we recommend you to allow to experience the benefit of the classic massage.

Each of you is unique, have your own needs and expectations; thus, the intensity and technique of the massage is applied according to the needs of your body and health.

Progress of SPA VILNIUS classic massage and benefits for you:

  • The massage master will present the treatment and you can specify you needs. You will enjoy the whirl of pleasant senses and relaxation provided by warm oil and movements of the hands of our professional even for 60 minutes.

  • Immediately after the massage therapy you can enjoy a cup of aromatised herb tea in a rest room.

  • SPA VILNIUS classic massage regulates respiratory, circulatory, digestive and nervous systems, harmonises heart work, promotes metabolism, helps to relieve pains and eliminates fatigue.

  • At the end of the treatment you will feel energetic, alert, cheerful and well rested as never before. Regular massage increases muscle capacity and endurance, joint and ligament mobility.

Recommendations: if you choose SPA VILNIUS massage for therapeutic purposes, the professional will evaluate your condition, prescribe the necessary cycle and customise the treatment program to you. Those you want to pamper themselves with a single treatment just have to tell their expectations.


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