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Thai sports massage

Treatment is not suitable for:
After meal
Duration : 60min.

It has been long said that sport is health but any chosen type of sport is maximum challenge to the body. Properly trained muscles become stronger and the body looks strong as steel. However, fatigue, muscle pains, injuries and different traumas are behind this. Thus, to achieve excellent results, it is necessary to quickly and properly respond to this.

The Thai full body massage is one of the most effective therapies helping to relieve muscle tension and avoid traumas related to ligament strains. This regularly performed massage will restore the balance of the muscle system and strengthen joints and ligaments.

Progress of the Thai full body massage and effects on the organism:

  • The massage is performed using special naturally produced balms and oils.
  • Stages of the progress of the massage: legs, back, legs, stomach, breast/chest, arms, head.
  • Full body is massaged with an oil by intensive twisting movements. Muscles are relaxes, pain is relieved.
  • After the sports, muscles need lighter slower movements so that tension would ease and blood circulation would be activated. 
  • This treatment reduces anxiety, pain, lifts the mood and improves the physical condition. 
  • This Thai massage protects the organism against muscle pain and fatigue, improves lymph and blood circulation in the whole body. 
  • After the session, we recommend to hear the professional's recommendations and continue relaxation with a cup of tasty herb tea.

The Thai sports full body massage is recommended not only to those who are actively engaged in sports or have high physical load; it is also perfect for those who feel constant physical tension and fatigue in the whole body. 


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