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Individual physical therapy

Treatment is not suitable for:
After meal
Duration : 30min.

A correct movement is one of the main means of rehabilitation and treatment helping to restore proper functioning of organs, muscle groups and other systems of the body.

Individual physical therapy starts with the initial examination by a physician and preparation of a program. After evaluation of the health condition and desired results, a customised exercise plan is prepared.

Individual physical therapy is recommended for those who start treatment. After the second examination by a physician, a person may choose group exercises or other therapeutic exercises prescribed by the professional. Of course, the individual physical therapy may be extended, everything depends on the achieved results and your needs.

Benefits of the individual physical therapy to you:

  • Not only the affected organ but also the whole body is treated;
  • The tone of muscles is normalised and the strength is restored;
  • Joint elasticity increase;
  • Coordination and balance are developed;
  • Attention is paid personally to you; thus, you will safety perform the prescribed exercises and quicker achieve improvement of the health condition.

During the individual physical therapy you will precisely perform exercises because the professional will show the correct starting position, amplitude, pace and safety distribute the physical load. Thus, by watching your body, its reactions and listening to the physical therapist's advice you will gradually strengthen the body, restore its correct position and avoid painful movements.

Physical therapy is especially useful for those who have spinal problems, incorrect posture, flat feet problems, suffer from different pains caused by traumas and other reasons. Physical therapy can be prescribed after surgeries, in case of herniated disk, osteochondrosis and other ailments. Individual cycle will help to safety get rid of pains and restore strength.

Exercises are performed with the help of special facilities and necessary equipment.


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