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Mineral water bath

Treatment is not suitable for:
Duration : 15min.

Mineral water baths have been known for decades due to its unique composition and therapeutic effects. The mineral bath affects our organism through the skin and nourishing the skin with aromatic oils and herb mixtures affects the respiratory tract.

The most important thing in such baths is warm water. A flow of heat emanating from mineral water is 1.5 times stronger than the flow of fresh water of the same temperature. This warmth pleasantly soothes, relaxes muscles, relieves pain, improves general blood and lymph circulation. It is also particularly important to emphasise that the hydrostatic pressure of mineral water is much higher than the hydrostatic pressure of fresh water; thus, our body in the mineral bath is pressed with greater force. The pressure trains and strengthens our cardiovascular system and the greater mineral content of the water, the stronger the effects.

Unlike fresh water baths, mineral water baths also have chemical effects. Ions and different micronutrients in mineral water positively affect our skin receptors, veins and internal bodies. Thus, it normalises the tone of the nervous system, boosts the immune function and the organism receives help in naturally healing itself.

And for those who cannot enjoy the bath of high mineral content due to existing contraindications we recommend a bath with average mineral content. This bath relaxes, improves sleep and blood circulation. This is the mildest bath; thus, it is perfect for elderly people and children.