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Marvelous Massages

Duration : 2 nights

By choosing this SPA package, we will turn your 'short lie down' into the best massage experience. Try different types of massages and choose what pleasures you the most. A massage is not only pleasant, but also a useful treatment.

A combination of various massages will effectively:

  • provide relief to mind and body;
  • eliminate the pressure of accumulated emotions in the muscles;
  • reduce stress;
  • relieve muscle pain;
  • give you a surge of strength.

It's as if time stands still here...

The price included:

Not included in the price:
Local fee 1 € for using Anykščiai public infrastructure. The fee is not applied for children under 18.


! Attention:
  • We recommend booking movement therapy in advance so that we can provide the treatment and time you would like.
  • The territory of SPA VILNIUS, including all rooms, balconies and terraces, ARE NON-SMOKING!
  • Please visit the swimming pool with the children till 14 years from 10:00 till 20:00
  • Doctors recommend to drink mineral water from special water flask.
  • Restaurant MIŠKE dress code - smart casual.
  • Services are taxed by 9 % & 21 % VAT rate, the prices include VAT.
  • SPA VILNIUS administration reserves the right to promote and modify prices.

“Very happy with our stay in Anyksciai SPA. I would say it's one of the best hotels in Lithuania”


“Me and my wife have spend three days in this wonderful (and almost hidden, in the woods of Anykščiai..) place. And these three days.. Actually, we felt ourselves like in paradise.. :)”

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