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Internal rules

  1. JSC Raminora is a personal data manager. Your provided personal data, after receiving your written agreement, may be used for internal marketing purposes. You have a right to get acquainted with the company’s personal data management policy and rules.

  2. Check-in starts at 15.00, check-out till 12.00 hrs.

  3. During registration, please provide passport or ID card.

  4. Parents or accompanying adults are solely responsible for the health, safety, and behaviour of children under the age of 16 and people with disabilities staying at the hotel, as well as for the adherence to the regulations.

  5. Children under the age of 16 and handicapped persons are only permitted in the pool if accompanied by a supervising adult who is responsible for their safety and life. Children under the age of 14 are not permitted in the gym. Children between the ages of 14 and 16 are allowed to exercise in the gym without their parents, but parents are fully responsible for their children, their behaviour, and any health injuries.

  6.  We kindly ask to return key-card to receptionist before you leave the hotel. If you loose the key, you will be charged 5 € as we will have to make a new key.

  7. During check-out, please inform the receptionist of how many and what kind of drinks and snacks from the mini bar you consumed, if any at all.

  8. The territory of SPA VILNIUS (including rooms and balconies) is non-smoking! We kindly ask you to follow this regulation: for the additional room cleaning the guest will be charged 100 €. Taking into account the needs of smoking guests, we offer a smoking area in the conference centre (II floor).

  9. For your own security, we kindly ask only the guests who checked-in to sleep in the hotel.

  10. Please be informed that you have to pay for each person staying in the room, even if the person has not checked-in.

  11. In case the guest does not check out till 14.00 hrs. and it is not possible to contact him or fails to pay for the services provided and vacate the room at the request of the administration, it reserves the right to move the stuff stored in the room to the hotel storage room.

  12. Pets are not allowed.

  13. Please leave valuable belongings in the hotel safe. The hotel administration is not responsible for things left not in the safe.

  14. Thank you for using our property properly. Guests need to pay for all things they break (The hotel administration evaluates the damage).

  15. Rooms are cleaned every day from 9.00 to 16.00 hrs., when the guest is not in the room.

  16. Linen, towels and bathrobes are changed every 3 days. Towels will be changed every day if you leave them on the floor in the bathroom.

  17. For your own convenience, we ask you to inform the receptionist about any equipment breakdowns you notice. The breakdowns will be fixed immediately.

  18. Please use electrical appliances for their proper purposes. If you need instruction manuals or have noticed any damage, please let the receptionist know.

  19. Quiet hours from 23.00 till 6.00 hrs. Please respect your neighbour’s right to have rest. If your neighbours are noisy during the quiet hours, please inform the receptionist tel. 900.

  20. For your safety, CCTV cameras are installed in the common areas of the hotel.

  21. It is forbidden to wear the whole face covering head – coverings in the hotel. A face has to be uncovered and visible all the time.

  22. On the 1st floor of the hotel, there is an immediate access to the SPA centre.

  23. No outdoor footwear is allowed in the SPA centre.

  24. The SPA is a relaxation and tranquility area, so please leave your mobile phones in the room or in the SPA's reception area.

  25. Please wear appropriate sport outfit for the gym.

  26. Please wear western style swimsuit and slippers for the swimming pool.

  27. We kindly ask You not to take SPA bathrobes and towels outside of SPA VILNIUS. They are marked.

  28. You can visit the swimming pool with children less than 14 years old from 10.00 to 21.00 hrs.

  29. If you reserved any SPA treatment, you could cancel it no later than 4 hours before the beginning of the procedure. If a person does not come on time and does not inform about it beforehand, no refund for the procedure will made.