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Winter garden

Originally decorated winter garden „Semiramidė“ is next to the new conference centre. The room, which reminds ancient Hanging Gardens of Semiramidė, is full of green trees, blossoming flowers and sounds of the burbling fountain all year round. It is a pleasure to have a cup of tea or coffee, read a book in this green, peaceful oasis. A big library, full of valuable books and magazines in Lithuanian, Russian and English can be found there as well. Meeting with writers and literature evenings are organized in this garden too. The Hanging Gardens of Semiramidė – one of the seven wonders of the ancient world – were created in the ancient city of Babylon. Our SPA project „The Gardens of Semiramidė realized by authors and artists Edita and Gintautas. The Ačai tried their best to put as much of the majesty and symbols of the Gardens of Babylon as they could in this small area. It is as if a clue to seven planets and well known Gates of the Babylon connect the past and the present. The minimalistic copy was professionally done by ceramicists Jūratė and Česlovas Gudžiai. This forever blossoming garden is an oasis of real beauty and tranquility, leaving the most positive impressions on all visitors.