Children playroom

There you will find a much more spacious play area of almost about 60 square meters (earlier – 32,42 square metres), a big playhouse with a slide, a world map, where everyone can find their dream country.

The area in the redecorated children‘s playroom is filled with toys and different interactive games, where your children can stay with helpful and professional nannies.

This is an excellent solution for those parents who want to enjoy themselves with SPA centre services and give their children many positive impressions at the same time. The playroom offers activities for children of all ages: The smallest ones will have a chance to enjoy themselves in baby travel cots, full of toys or have fun on swings. In case of a sweet nap, a soft bed is nearby.

The smallest ones can enjoy themselves while playing in their special house and have fun on a slide. Educational cartoons and games are for the ones, who like mental activities and solving different puzzles.

The older ones can choose from a variety of board games: lego, puzzles, mosaics, designing games, dolls, cars. Besides, they can draw, make some models, sew, read books, make paper figures, etc.

Teenagers will be interested in computer games or any other activities which are organized during school holidays, for instance: karaoke or bowling competitions, other fun sport activities.

Children will have a possibility to try themselves in one of the most famous games around the world „Nintendo Wii“, which is controlled by man’s movements and encourages active playing style. The games also involve some specially selected activities which take you to a sports camp, to the beach and cover such sports as tennis, water motorbiking, fencing or basketball.

Nintendo Wii

This activity is for those who wish to try themselves in a worldwide popular game „Nintendo Wii“. The game is controlled by human movements and propagates an active game style. The television screen will copy your movements in a detailed way and this will fully involve you into the game. Carefully chosen set of games takes you directly to the beach sport camp. The set presents such sports as tennis, water motorcycling, fencing or basketball.

At the weekends all kids have a possibility to do sports and play together with a kinesitherapist.

Children’s playground, which is next to the hotel, in the fresh air, welcomes children to enjoy themselves on swings, slide and climb in and out the play house.

Working hours
V 14-21
VI 10-13; 13.30-21
VII 10-13; 13.30-18

Working hours during school holidays
I - IV, VII 10-13; 13.30-18
V - VI 10-13; 13.30-21

If necessary, we can book nanny services in advance.

Kid’s & parents’ play zone - without additional charge.

Prices of children playroom