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"I just wanted to tell that you are very, very terrific, terrific... And I am terrific about you",
S. Šaltenis Nut Bread.

LABAI SPA Bar on the second floor next to the SPA, welcomes guests with cosy interior, original furniture creating individual space, and pleasant music. LABAI Spa Bar offers natural-tasting, low-cooked and high-energy dishes that are not only light for your stomach, but also give you an extra boost of energy. The LABAI SPA bar offers SPA dishes made with mineral water. You will be treated with mineral water of low mineralisation extracted from the borehole. Here you will find a special blend of SPA VILNIUS medicinal herbs infused with mineral water, tea, tonic and mood-enhancing mineral water cocktails and freshly squeezed juices.

The LABAI SPA bar is a very good place to grab a snack or a meal between treatments, without having to worry about changing – you can eat here in your bathrobe.

During the warmer months, the SPA bar's very cosy patio is open.

Dietary meals

This is a nutrition programme prepared by a nutritionist, that combines the basic principles of a healthy diet – variety, balance and moderation. We use organic and/or local produce, fresh meat, fish, seasonal fruits and vegs, home-baked bread, finest olive oils brought directly from Spain, Lithuanian flaxseed oil, and unique herbal teas.

Healthy diet + individual exercise + best body treatments = lasting results.

SPA bar LABAI opening hours:

VII–IV 10.00–23.00

V–VI 10.00–24.00