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Conference centre

Step into the captivating world of the SPA VILNIUS Conference Centre – a contemporary business haven featuring modern meeting spaces of various sizes, equipped with state-of-the-art professional facilities.

Here, the heritage of ancient civilizations gracefully intertwines with modern functionality and sustainability trends. Not only do the room names but also the interiors subtly evoke discoveries of the Aztecs, Incas, and Sumerians, featuring enigmatic Nasca-style drawings.

In our world of steel and concrete, the harmony of nature is essential for every heart. Therefore, conference rooms boast panoramic windows opening up to the green panorama of Druskininkai or the Winter Garden. In the Winter Garden's 'Semiramis,' trees flourish, flowers bloom, and a fountain murmurs – an ideal setting for small group work or solitary reflection. Most importantly, conference participants can indulge in the beloved ritual of coffee breaks, tempting with Salvadoran coffee aromas and restaurant LABAI pastries.

The Conference Centre not only captivates with its aesthetics but is also perfect for various meetings. Whether you are planning large conferences, dynamic events, team-building excursions, educational seminars, or empowering training sessions, this versatile space and the team at SPA VILNIUS are ready to cater for your needs.

Conference rooms


In this hall, the legacy of the Aztecs elegantly intertwines with modern functionality. It is the largest hall in the SPA VILNIUS Conference Centre (138 m²), accommodating up to 180 persons (in the theatre-style seating option). The sunlight streaming through the windows fills the space with mystical energy, inspiring creativity and innovation. During the flourishing years of the Aztec Empire from the 14th to the 16th century, the Sun God encouraged today's strategists and visionaries to leverage the wisdom of history in building our contemporary empires.

Price per day – 237 €




The Hall of Greatest Discoveries invites contemplation and the recharting of maps for business or other activities. It is one of the largest halls in the SPA VILNIUS Conference Centre (105 m²), accommodating up to 80 persons (in the theatre-style seating option); offering a view of the green panorama of Druskininkai through the windows. In 1492, Christopher Columbus discovered America; from 1519 to 1521, Ferdinand Magellan circumnavigated the globe and proved its roundness. What will you discover in Druskininkai? Embark on a journey of knowledge and innovation – let's celebrate curiosity and courage, prompting a deeper understanding of the world.      

Price per day – 207 €



Nasca Lines

Naskos linijos yra vieni paslaptingiausių reiškinių Žemėje. Tai dideli linijiniai piešiniai, kurie iš The Nasca Lines are among the most mysterious phenomena on Earth. These large linear drawings, resembling etchings on the Earth's surface in the arid Pampa Colorada plain in southern Peru, invite exploration into the unknown. These mysterious drawings adorn our NASCA LINES conference room interior, inviting you on an intellectual journey. The medium-sized conference room (90 m²) accommodates up to 50 persons; with windows opening to the green panorama of Druskininkai.

Price per day – 177 €



Nasca Condor

The Nasca Lines are among the most mysterious phenomena on Earth. These large linear drawings, resembling etchings on the Earth's surface in the arid Pampa Colorada plain in southern Peru, invite exploration into the unknown. One of the most famous drawings, the Andean condor, embellishes the interior of the NASCA CONDOR room. This bird can soar to heights of up to 5500 meters, inviting everyone gathered in the cozy (45 m²) conference room with windows overlooking the green panorama of Druskininkai to take flight of thought. The room can accommodate up to 16 persons.

Price per day – 77 €


Nasca Colibri

Nasca lines are large linear drawings that, from a distance, appear etched on the Earth's surface in the arid Pampa Colorada plain in southern Peru. One of the most easily recognizable drawings, the hummingbird, adorns the NASCA COLIBRI room's interior. Hummingbirds are excellent aviators, spending most of their time in flight and feeding on the nectar of up to 15 plants, thereby consuming and transporting pollen from flower to flower. Therefore, this cosy (45 m²; up to 16 persons) room invites both flight and helps discover the 'nectar' of specific business or activity.

Price per day – 77 €


Nasca Condor & Colibri

There are situations – both in business and in life – when it is necessary to join forces. Therefore, we can combine the NASCA CONDOR and COLIBRI rooms to create a larger (90 m²) space capable of accommodating up to 24 persons. The interior of the room is adorned with the Andean condor and hummingbird – perhaps the best-known drawings of the Nasca lines, and the windows open to the green panorama of Druskininkai.

Price per day – 177 €


In this space, where there is a dividing wall, the name 'inca' means 'ruler', and today's executives and leaders can draw wisdom from the Inca civilization that once existed in South America. The cosy (only 21 sq. m.) conference room is suitable for a small group of up to 10 persons, where everyone trusts each other. The room is well-suited for individual work in small groups, with a view through the windows to the unique Winter Garden.

Price per day – 57 €



To the Sumerian civilization, which inspired the creation of this cosy (21 m²) room with a view of the Winter Garden. 'Sumer' means the 'land of culture': they were the first to divide hours and minutes into 60 parts, a circle into 360 degrees, and the year into 12 months. Something we can't imagine our lives without. The room accommodates up to 12 persons – create within it what you can't imagine your company's operations without.

Price per day – 57 €




This cosy, small (21 m²) conference room with a view of the Winter Garden accommodates up to 12 persons and invites you to seek inspiration from lesser-known cultures, understanding what is sacred to each individual – both as a person and as an employee. Tjuringa is an Aboriginal Australian religious, sacred object: a long stone or piece of wood adorned with ritual and mythological ornaments. We sincerely wish you to create your own 'tjuringa' as a talisman during the conference – as a mediator between the individual and corporate culture, between tactical plans and ambitious visions.

Price per day – 57 €



Winter Garden

The best things in the world are born out of love – SPA VILNIUS invites you to the 'Semiramis' Winter Garden, inspired by one of the most beautiful love legends of all time. It is a unique, evergreen space that resembles the hanging gardens of ancient Babylon throughout the year.

The SPA VILNIUS team helps harmonise work and leisure. The Winter Garden space serves as the guests' ofiSPA: comfortable workstations are set up here for individual work and small group work, as well as for video calls. When needed, confidential meetings can easily be moved to one of the conference rooms. It is an ideal workspace.

To create this unique SPA area, renowned Lithuanian artists Edita Ačienė and Gintautas Ačas joined forces with ceramicists Jūratė Gudienė and Česlovas Gudys. The Hanging Gardens (or Semiramis Gardens) are one of the Seven Wonders of the World, built in the ancient city of Babylon. As the legend tells, Queen Semiramis of Babylon longed for her homeland in the Persian mountains. The king decided to delight her by creating the famous Babylonian gardens.  

Here, trees are evergreen, flowers bloom, and a fountain murmurs. The Orangery is a living gallery where each plant tells its own story.  The Winter Garden space is easily transformable: Various presentations, award ceremonies, tasting evenings, and similar events can be held here.

In the enchanting Winter Garden, time slows down. Worries dissolve, and the disturbances of the outside world disappear like a distant memory. This is proof that in our world of steel and concrete, the harmony of the wilderness is essential for every heart.

In the Winter Garden, an ofiSPA is set up for your high-quality work – ergonomic spaces for both focused work and phone conversations. 


Coffee Breaks

As the coffee break time approaches, a palpable excitement sweeps through the conference room. A coffee break is a meticulously nurtured ritual, where the art of conversation thrives, breaking down titles, turning strangers into acquaintances, and acquaintances into friends. Here, the sharing of knowledge and impressions gives birth to new ideas that help business flourish.

The inviting aroma of top-quality Salvadoran coffee and the pastries crafted by the SPA VILNIUS conference masters invite guests to the Winter Garden, where trees are evergreen, flowers bloom, and a fountain murmurs. Established connections, shared visions, and commitments for future meetings linger long after the last drop of coffee is consumed.


Conference Centre Plan

For Your Private Parties

If you're going to celebrate, then celebrate in style – in Druskininkai, we invite you to have your functions in the SPA VILNIUS spaces. Birthdays, christenings, corporate dinners, banquets, receptions, cocktail parties, presentations, private evenings, and other exclusive events – our friendly team will take care of organising any fiesta and coordinate all the details. UŽDAROMS ŠVENTĖMS



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