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ofiSPA for individual work

konferencijų salės renginiai spa vilnius

A job postponed is a job half done. Time flies when you're avoiding work. So, take it with you to the pine forests of Druskininkai or the Šilelis forest in Anykščiai. While everyone is promoting remote work, the SPA VILNIUS team offers an opportunity to combine work and relaxation seamlessly. You'll enjoy a working environment similar to a modern office. Natural mineral water springs replenish your body with essential minerals. Enjoy delicious, healthy food from our restaurant. Let your colleagues know that you’ll be working from ofiSPA next week and who knows, they might join you.

Remember the Universal Pareto Principle, which states that 20 % of the effort yields 80 % of the outcomes. Focus on the 20 % that counts and book a spot on the massage couch.

While everyone is encouraging remote work, the team here at SPA VILNIUS can assist you in merging work and relaxation. ofiSPA is the perfect option for those seeking a peaceful working environment similar to a modern office, natural mineral water springs that replenish your body with essential minerals, and delicious, healthy restaurant food. Tell your colleagues that you'll be working from ofiSPA next week.


  • experience a break from everyday distractions;
  • enjoy deep spa relaxation and wellness;
  • enjoy a break from housework and more quality time for work and relaxation;
  • create shared experiences and traditions with your colleagues ;
  • you even bring your family along and use our babysitting services.


  • happier and more satisfied employees;
  • increased motivation for your employees;
  • improves unity and communication within your team;
  • an opportunity to provide additional incentives in a new way;
  • a workspace outside the office that fosters creativity.

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