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Restaurant LABAI

"I just wanted to tell that you are very, very terrific, terrific... And I am terrific about you" S. Šaltenis Nut Bread.

The winds of change at SPA VILNIUS In Druskininkai have brought another new development – the LABAI restaurant, inviting families to come together and share their long, long stories.

We use the word "Labai" (Lith. very) a lot – to describe the quality of products, the food and the harmony of its flavours, the emotions experienced when spending time with our loved ones. We invite you to sit down together in a very cosy company, enjoy most delicious meals, have a very pleasant look through the windows and, of course, have long conversations.

Not for a little while, not for a short while, but for a long and very long time.

LABAI restaurant encompasses a lot in its name:

  • an updated a la carte menu, keeping the favourite dishes of our guests and adding new flavours;
  • a wide choice of meals throughout the day – from now on, guests not staying at SPA VILNIUS may have breakfast and dinner from a buffet-style menu;
  • a perfect venue for large personal functions (birthdays, anniversaries, christenings) in Druskininkai, where we will help you to organise them with high class and style, leaving unforgettable memories for every guest;
  • a cosy patio overlooking the K. Dineika pedestrian alley and the wellness park, where you are welcome to enjoy a cosy stay during the warm season;
  • themed dinners on weekends with live music concerts.

Our dishes are prepared with a strong emphasis on season. The food comes from local farms no more than 40 km away. We offer house desserts, cakes and ice-cream (we particularly recommend our curd ice-cream) and, of course, we bake most delicious bread, which is always available for takeaway.

LABAI restaurant opening hours:

I–VII 13.00–23.00

Every weekend – live music


Children's menu

LABAI restaurant's dress code is elegant casual attire.

Barbecue spell on the LABAI summer patio

The wizards of LABAI restaurant at SPA VILNIUS have mastered the element of fire to make the grill dishes you've been craving for during your relaxation, using the finest quality meats and vegetables. The enticing scents of smoke will lure you to the summer patio, where food is savoured not only with cutlery, but above all, with your eyes.

Summer is the watchword of the LABAI patio: the wind mussing your hair, the scent of pine forests, comfy outdoor armchairs, mottled dresses and the light sounds of live music. No matter who you are, Druskininkai nature, reborn after the winter, is generous to everyone – so admire it from the restaurant's patio with the ones you love.

If you collect sunsets, enjoy the tranquillity of the setting sun and the pine forests, or if you like new flavours, let our cuisine wizards surprise you.

We invite you to choose dishes from our menu or enjoy new grill flavours every day.

LABAI patio opening hours:

I–VII 13.00–23.00


Children's menu

Buffet breakfast

Our buffet breakfast is famous for its excellent menu, distinctive, delicate flavours, freshly prepared healthy dishes, a wide selection of snacks and meals, and plenty of fresh vegetables, salads and fruit. The buffet always offers freshly baked buns, breads, sweets and biscuits from LABAI own bakers, by original recipes.

For breakfast, enjoy abundant fruit buffet, and for dinner we offer healthy desserts made by LABAI pastry chefs.

Healthier desserts are made without hydrogenated fats. We limit the use of flour where possible or choose healthier alternatives, and create sweetness with dried and fresh fruit and berries.

Buffet breakfast:
I–V 8.00–10.00; VI-VII 8.00–11.00

Buffet breakfast price:
28 € / adults; 12 € / children 4-8 years; 16 € / children 9-14 years

Buffet dinner:
VII–IV 18.00–20.00; V–VI 18.00–20.30

Buffet dinner price:
28 € / adults; 13 € / children 4-8 years; 18 € / children 9-14 years

On Saturdays, the buffet dinner menu is supplemented with exclusive Lithuanian, Spanish, Italian, French, Mediterranean, Oriental, Asian, Ukrainian, Slavic or hunting-themed dishes. Which dinner is available on Saturday you can find out here