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Privacy and cookies policy



Respecting the guests and concerned parties right to privacy and personal data confidentiality UAB “Raminora” (Ltd.) undertakes responsibility to administer booking data and documents, received during the stay in an appropriate and fair way, not revealing it to any third parties unless otherwise required by laws.

Privacy policy reflects the practice, applied by UAB “Raminora” (Ltd.) to its Guests and other concerned parties.

If you have any questions, concerning personal data administration, please e-mail us at: duomenuapsauga@spavilnius.lt.

1. Collecting information

UAB “Raminora” (Ltd.) follows the Law of the Republic of Lithuania on Legal Protection of Personal Data and General data protection regulation (GDPR). The provided information, concerning Guests, is further collected by Sales and Marketing departments in “Raminora” (Ltd.) as well as website: www.spavilnius.lt.

“Raminora” (Ltd.) tries to provide quality service to the guests, protect their belongings, guarantee their safety and privacy during the stay, collects the guests’ data using:

  • electronic marketing – guest’s agreement,
  • video recordings (using services, provided by  UAB“Raminora” (Ltd.) while staying at SPA VILNIUS), as well as telephone call entries (calling to UAB “Raminora” (Ltd.), calling contact numbers),​
  • on phone or e-mail (while booking company’s service),
  • electronic booking systems (booking company’s service).

NOTE: A guest takes his/ her personal responsibility not to reveal any confidential data, presented in the documents, issued by UAB “Raminora” (Ltd.) (e.g. treatment cards, accounts, SPA service programmes) to any third parties.

2. Use of personal information

UAB “Raminora” (Ltd.) uses guests’ personal data for the following purposes:

  • Providing accommodation, wellness, treatment and other services,

  • Administrating bookings, registration processes, requests,

  • Sending information about the provided service as well as special offers (if You agree to receive such information),

  • Contacting guests about the quality of the provided service, to get their evaluation and opinion.

  • To guarantee guests’ safety.

​​3. Transfer of personal data

Personal data, provided by guests is not transferred to any third parties under no circumstances, except the following cases:

  • To insurance companies, if a guest is insured and uses paid insurance services,

  • If it is necessary to provide appropriate and quality service inside of the company (e.g.: service providing specialists, doctors can share necessary information about the guest if it is necessary to provide appropriate, individual, quality service),

  • To legal institutions, according to the procedure provided by the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania,

  • If there is your agreement to reveal personal data, in the cases not presented above.

Having your agreement to contact you on the phone or e-mail because of marketing purposes, we will send you the information which could make you interested or special offers for you.

You can correct the reception of this information while sending us e-mail at duomenuapsuaga@spavilnius.lt.

You have a right to disagree about your personal data administration for direct marketing aims, without giving your motives, as well as to ask to correct wrong, thorough or incorrect personal data.

Your personal information will be stored as long as it is necessary to implement goals, mentioned in this privacy policy. For subscription and direct marketing purposes the data is saved not longer than 5 years. Video and audio recording storage terms are provided in video data rules by UAB “Raminora” (Ltd.).                                   

You have a right to get acquainted with your personal data which we have. Trying to get to know what personal data we have collected or received from what sources, for what purposes they are managed and, or all your personal data is thorough and correct, you have to contact us in advance using your provided e-mail address. We do not provide such information on the phone.

Besides you have got a right:

  • To stop personal data administration process while presenting us a request on e-mail or phone,

  • To get to know what kind of your data we administer,

  • To be forgotten, to request to erase all your administered data,

  • To request that all your administered data should be transferred to another data manager,

  • To disagree with Privacy policy at the same time disagreeing that your personal data is administered,

  • Expressing your disagreement at once or presenting a note later about your personal data management for direct marketing purposes.

Booking our services, you agree that your personal data is used trying to implement accommodation service. You agree beforehand that we have a right to store your personal data in a server, cloud as long as it is necessary in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania.

Any kind of request or order, concerning your personal data management should be presented in written , in one of the following ways:

  • Presenting such kind of request or order directly to us, our address: K.Dineikos Str. 1, LT-66165, Druskininkai

  • Sending such kind of request or order to our e-mail address, at duomenuapsuaga@spavilnius.lt.

  • Receiving your request or order we will answer you and perform the actions, mentioned in the request. The answer will be provided in written in 10 days.

  • Administrating our services and website as well as diagnosing possible troubles we can use your IP addresses.

4. Use of cookies

We use cookies to identify your identity in our website. Our purpose – to make the service as personalized according to your interests as possible.

Cookie – a small amount of information, which is sent by our server to your computer’s hard disk, to make the website remember you. This information can be made of the website settings, URL reference, generated unique code for identification.

We use information which we get using cookies for the following purposes:

  • To avoid a repeated reservation for website visitors,

  • Trying to present more personalized offers to guests.

Majority of browsers are set to get cookies automatically. You can switch off cookies in the browser but beforehand you should remember that doing this you might lose a possibility to use a lot of functions, which are necessary for a proper website function. If you need more detailed information – these are cookies, used in our website:

Type of cookie


Cookie’s purpose


1 month

Browser uses this cookie for queries in Google websites. “NID” cookie has got a unique Google code, which is used to remember its own settings and other information, e.g.: preferred language (e.g. English), the amount of search results in one page (e.g. 10 or 20) and if you want to switch on a safe search Google filter.


1 session

Till the browser window is closed

User’s session information is saved.


1 year

Information on user’s agreement with cookie policy.


2 year

Google Analytics cookie collects information about users’ behavior in the website and is used trying to save statistical information.


1 minute

A cookie is necessary to limit a number of requests, clicking the link. The cookie will be called _dc_gtm.


24 hours

A cookie is used for statistical information to collect information about website attendance.


2 months

A cookie is used to remember payment currency.


3 months

A cookie, which enables Facebook social site to show ads.


3 months

A cookie, meant to remember a set language.


3 months

These cookies are used to collect website statistics and follow amounts of conversions.


2 years

Used to relate one’s activity with all pieces of equipment, if you are connected to “Google” account, using another piece of equipment.


2 years

Cookies are connected with “Google maps”, used to show a comfortable map and collect information, connected with a performance of unique actions in the map.


6 months

Safety cookie helps to protect user’s information from unauthorized approach.


Questions: duomenuapsauga@spavilnius.lt