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New therapy – Music Session with premium audio gear

Introducing you the newest SPA VILNIUS therapy – Music Session. We have set up a special music listening room in Druskininkai, where you can recline in a comfortable armchair with a glass of drink and enjoy the music playing on high-end audio equipment.

Music has long been known to affect our mood, help us relax and escape the everyday problems. High-quality audio equipment and a specially designed music room interior allow you to immerse yourself in the world of music and experience the full beauty of sound.

Concerts are held in the specially adapted Amber Room, which has been designed with good acoustics and special dark curtains to create a special atmosphere and reduce sound reflections from the walls. 

The Avantgarde Acoustic Duo loudspeakers, Cary Audio Design CAD-300SE LX20 tube amplifier monoblocks, AURALIC ATLAIR G1 digital recorder and Transparent interconnect cables ensure the highest quality of recorded music.

You can attend one of our selected Music Session concerts or book a private session to enjoy the music of your choice. Music Session prices range from €9 at side seats to €14 at central seats, or €69 for an individual 90-minute session.

Find out more about the service here