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SPA VILNIUS is a completely smoke-free environment!

SPA VILNIUS is challenging smokers

RELAX WITHOUT SMOKING – from now on, SPA VILNIUS Druskininkai will be a completely smoke-free environment (both inside and outside). The spa centre in Anykščiai will also be smoke-free.

Various studies have shown that smoking is extremely harmful to the human body, and the popularity of smoking in both Europe and the United States is declining – smoking is incompatible with the activities of SPA VILNIUS, which promote psychological and physical well-being.

Nicotine is an addictive substance that reaches the brain within eight seconds, where it increases the amount of dopamine and creates a sense of pleasure and euphoria. Currently, many physicians claim that psychological nicotine addiction is equivalent to that caused by cocaine or heroin, even though the latter reach the brain a few seconds slower. 

So if you smoke and have come to the SPA VILNIUS smoking room, we invite you to challenge yourself to smoke the last cigarette of your life.

According to psychologists, many people smoke to relieve anxiety, stress or anger. The emotional causes of smoking are almost as strong as the physical ones, and in some cases they can become even stronger.

SPA VILNIUS can help.

RELAX WITHOUT SMOKING – instead of a cigarette, we can offer treatments selected especially for you that reduce muscle tension and eliminate emotional fatigue. We also have special anti-stress spa and wellness packages.

Stop smoking and find out what Druskininkai’s pine forests really smell like... And what a variety of flavours there are in our restaurant...

Given the needs of our guests who do smoke, there is a designated SMOKING ROOM in the conference centre (2nd floor). There is a 100  cleaning fee for smoking in the room.