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SPA VILNIUS massage professionals at the International Massage Championship

Aleksandras Zubkevič from SPA VILNIUS won a bronze medal for his Hawaiian-inspired original massage.

The International Baltic Massage Championship took place in Lithuania, where Aleksandras Zubkevič from SPA VILNIUS won a bronze medal for his Hawaiian-inspired original massage.

International Baltic Massage Championship 2023 is not only a prestigious competition attracting the largest number of participants in the region, but also an opportunity to acquire new knowledge, experience, inspiration for activities; to meet professionals in the field and to get important contacts.

This massage championship was held under the auspices of the IMS (International Massage Association) and is judged by an authoritative joint international panel of judges from 10 countries. Along with top-level professionals, this year the jury of the competition included SPA VILNIUS massage professional Tadas Stonkus, who has participated in competitions and championships several times in the past, and was awarded the prizes: At the International Open Massage Championship SPA Talent 2017 in Italy, Tadas won the 1st prize for his ESPA harmonizing massage, and at the 2nd Open International Championship of Aesthetic Cosmetology and SPA Aesthetics Tadas won the 2nd prize.

In the in-house SPA VILNIUS Massage Masters Championship, Tadas won the audience's sympathies and became an ESPA trainer – only the best masseurs from all over the world can join the international ESPA trainer network. Tadas Stonkus has created his own original deep tissue and joint massage, which has already captured the hearts of SPA VILNIUS clients.

Aleksandras Zubkevich, the bronze medal winner at the championship, performed the Sports LOMI LOMI massage. According to him, improvisation is essential in professional freestyle competition. While preparing for the championship, Aleksandras discovered the LOMI LOMI technique, originating from Hawaii, using long, continuous movements of the forearms and hands to create the impression of gentle waves. It is not for nothing that this technique is also known as "dancing hands" as the rhythmic movements give the impression that many hands are working at once. The bronze-awarded massage conains elements from three styles: Swedish, Sports and LOMI LOMI. It is a perfect choice for people who want a massage and stretches at the same time. By the way, in 2022, Aleksandras was voted the most favoured masseur in SPA VILNIUS by his clients.

SPA VILNIUS was represented by two more participants in the International Baltic Massage Championship: Benita Bartoševičienė and Vaclovas Mockūnas. They officially became SPA VILNIUS Masters on 1 March, which means that these professionals are awarded the highest level of mastery. SPA VILNIUS masters – our calling card – not only perform top level services, receive highly favourable customer feedback, and take an active interest in SPA innovations, but also share their experience with young massage specialists, training and educating them.

Cosmetologist-massage therapist Benita Bartoševičienė has created an original face, head and foot massage, called "Inner Peace".  "How to stop the running and rushing city person for just a moment?...", is the challenge that the master, who works at the Day Spa in Vilnius, has set to herself. A gentle eye massage gives a rest to eyes tired from the computer screen. A shoulder area massage helps to achieve that royal state of relaxation "between earth and heaven". Meanwhile, the foot massage, bergamot essential oils and the sound of bells are refreshing and energising. These are just some of the elements that bring inner peace to the urban dweller.

Vaclovas Morkūnas, massage professional at SPA VILNIUS, has created a children's massage "Buckwheat Therapy". "With this massage, children can enjoy the royal relaxation that their parents experience in the spa and feel more grown-up,” says the author. This treatment uses ESPA's aromatherapy back, classical and foot massage movements. Buckwheat bags – as a heat therapy and stress reliever – are particularly beneficial for anxious children. In line with the international trend towards sustainability, the buckwheat used in the massage is a natural material that does not harm the environment.

This year's championship focused on globally relevant themes such as peace, health, and motherhood. In addition, the championship sponsored participants from Ukraine.