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“We have harnessed” green energetics!

"Having harnessed fresh new winds ..." was written by Lithuanian poet Kazys Binkis in 1922. People were looking for ways to employ natural power for themselves long ago.

The sun, wind and water provide not only energy for human body and revitalize soul but can also provide electric power for our homes and business.

We are happy to announce that SPA VILNIUS Druskininkai and SPA VILNIUS Anykščiai will be providing just with “Green Lithuanian energy” from the 1st June – electric power, made from renewable energy sources.

Why? Because we love and save the nature. Renewable energy sources – solar, wind, water, geothermal and biomass energy – their origin and renewal are caused by natural processes. The use of these sources to make energy is beneficial to the environment and adds to climate change stabilization.

Why? Because we love Lithuania. The use of renewable energy sources decreases the country’s dependence on imported fuel, the amount of money taken away from the country, which would be paid for imported fossil fuel. As a result, we add to the development of progressive Lithuanian business society.

Why? Because our and your – our guests’ – values are the same. We all have to learn how to live in a fast changing world where a number of people constantly increases but the sources remain limited. Thus, innovations get a special meaning.

Lithuania is obliged to reach the point in 2020, when 23 proc. of used electric power in the country comes from renewable energy sources. Starting the use of “Green Lithuanian energy” SPA VILNIUS adds to this national aim.