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Thai aromatherapy massage

Treatment is not suitable for:
After meal
Duration : 60min.

Aromatherapy is art by virtue of which the human organism, senses and thoughts may be treated, relaxed, calmed down or even stimulated. And all this is performed with the help of aromas. Natural oils extracted from plants have been used for the massage therapy already in ancient times. Professionals maintain that aromatherapy stimulates human senses and positively affects not only body but also soul. As oils absorb into the body through the skin or by inhalation, the senses of touch and breathing are combined.

Progress of the Thai aromatherapy massage:

  • Stages of the progress of the massage: legs, back, legs, stomach, breast/chest, arms, head.

  • Full body is massaged with an essential oil by light movements.

  • The essential oils are chosen for the massage individually, according to the need of each guest and taking into account his/her psychological and physical problems, health condition.

  • After the treatment, the professionals will recommend you further regime of the day.

  • You can continue relaxation in a special room in which you will listen to quiet music and enjoy a natural herb tea.

The aromatherapy massage involving use of natural plants and essential oils:

  • Relaxes muscles;

  • Removes insomnia;

  • Recharges energy;

  • Restores the spiritual and physical balance;

  • Helps to set all feelings and thoughts dispersed in the daily routine.

This wonderful measure will help to overcome stress, since it not only calms down the nervous system but also improves blood circulation. By virtue of incredible power of aroma, tense nerves will quickly calm down, you will feel relaxed and recovered both physically and emotionally. Thus, pamper your body and escape from daily life by finding a gamma of new aromas and emotions in these gloomy winter days!

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