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Jazz massage by Massage Master

Treatment is not suitable for:
Duration : 60min.

This massage is like good jazz. Never repeating and each tie rejoicing the listener with new sounds. Thus, 60 minutes of awesome "sounds" tailored namely to your needs will refresh your body and awaken your soul from within.

JAZZ massage is based on different techniques applied in each session. The essence of the treatment is individually chosen intensity of the massage. Each time after consultation with customer the massage master chooses a different sequence of movements for dealing with the specified problems. Thus, before each session you will have to consult the massage master and find out what therapy you wish:

  • To relieve nervous tension;
  • To restore the energy balance;
  • To enhance the wellbeing;
  • To increase the working capacity;
  • To relax and rest.

JAZZ massage is diverse; thus, its benefits depend on the moment, your need and wellbeing. You will understand everything when you come to the massage room. Tell your expectations to the massage master, relax and submit to the experienced hands.

! Attention: Prices indicated in the price list are available for the treatments prescribed by SPA VILNIUS the therapist only. Otherwise, 21% VAT is applied.

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