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Mineral calendula inhalation

Treatment is not suitable for:
Duration : 10min.

Cough is not a disease and simply a protective body reaction to slag and mucus accumulated in the respiratory tract. Coughing removes all "ballast" not necessary to us. Of course, endless cough is tiresome and frustrating. To facilitate the cleansing process, we often use some pharmaceuticals. We forget (or simply don't know) that there are other more effective and natural ways to fight cold symptoms.

During the inhalation the healing materials goes directly into the lungs and immediately starts putting everything in order there. Probably many of us remember how our mothers told us to breathe salt water vapour in childhood? Of course, such "inhalation above the pot" is rather superficial. Inhalations performed in our health promotion complex are deeper and more effective, rich in minerals, herbs and essential oils.

Mineral calendula inhalation helps to:

  • Disinfect the respiratory tract;
  • Protect against exposure bacteria and viruses;
  • Fight against inflammations or avoid them;
  • Regenerate the cells of the respiratory tract.

After this short but effective treatment, you will feel recovery of your breathing and disappearance or significant reduction of cough and other cold-related symptoms.

Therapeutic properties of medical calendula have been valued since ancient times. It is not without purpose that in India it is covered by a veil of sanctity and in China it is considered as a symbol of lifetime. This plant with bright "sunny" blossom relieves pains, relaxes spasms, effectively fights against various inflammations, destroys vermin and has strong antibacterial and anti-virus properties.

Please consult our professionals on the cycle of treatments and other concerns.

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