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Mud application

Treatment is not suitable for:
After meal
Duration : 20min.

Probably you know that mud treatments have been highly appreciated by health promotion and beauty professionals for more than one hundred years. Thus, we are eager to tell you about special effects of mud to human organism.

Therapeutic muds also known as peloids are of three types: non-organic, organic and peat pulp. Our masters use peat pulp together with mineral water and herbs. The consistency prepared in this way has much stronger therapeutic effects.

Mud application actives blood circulation, reduces inflammatory processes, supports the immune functions and promotes functioning of the organs. It may also be prescribed as an additional therapeutic measure for different diseases. Thus, we recommend to consult a specialist for choosing the most appropriate method of mud application (collar, briefs, corset etc.).

Progress and effects of the mud application:

  • Depending on the applied method and purpose of the mud application, the prepared warm mud pulp is spread on a special fabric and put on skin. Shortly the place is covered and safely isolated against external influences.
  • You can spend the time allocated to you calmly resting, relax and feel how the active substances of the mud gradually relax your muscles. Then the subtle treatment process will start: the particles intruding into the subsurface through the skin will start to activate blood circulation, metabolism and relieve pain and sensitivity.
  • The treatment cycle of the mud application favourably affects the central nervous system, relax biologically active substances and improve other processes of the organism.
  • This is a perfect way of giving thanks to your legs for active and heavy work and relieve them from numbing tiredness or pains in joints.

Benefits of the mud application for you:

  • Treats inflammations and relieves pains in muscles and joints;
  • Improves metabolism and activates blood circulation;
  • Boosts nutrition and improves oxygenation in tissues and organs;
  • Supports the immune functions and nervous system.

If you do not have more serious complaints about your health, having consulted the professionals at SPA VILNIUS, you can choose the mud application therapy as a preventive relaxing measure. After this treatment, you will feel incredible ease of your body and will further promote your health.

Those who have certain complains are recommended to consult their physician who will prescribe the most optimal intensity of the program.

! Attention: Prices indicated in the price list are available for the treatments prescribed by SPA VILNIUS the therapist only. Otherwise, 21% VAT is applied.

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