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Duration : 5min.

If you have ever struggled with long-lasting pain, probably you have already tried phonophoresis. This is one of the most effective pain relieving methods. The respective oscillation frequencies activate blood circulation and metabolism and promote cell regeneration. Thus, this method may be applied not only as an anti-inflammatory and pain relieving measure. Ultrasound softens scars and reduces scar tissue formation.

Thus, ultrasound may be applied for therapeutic and cosmetic purposes. The physician may prescribe phonophoresis for treatment of wounds, strains, joint ans spine abnormalities and pains, promotion of bone healing after fractures etc.

As for lesion and scar treatment, you may also address SPA VILNIUS professionals. After evaluation of your condition, the physician will prescribe the most suitable treatment cycle for you.

Progress of phonophoresis and benefits for you:

  • After familiarising yourself with the treatment, you will quietly settle on the table and simply allow treatment. The duration and length of the cycle will differ depending on the aim of the treatments.
  • Phonophoresis will relieve pains, reduce swellings, inflammations, muscle spasms. Mild heat and ultrasound oscillations will improve microcirculation and restore natural functions of the tissues.
  • The treatments may also be helpful in case of bronchial asthma, bronchitis and other respiratory diseases.

Recommendations: consult your general physician or SPA VILNIUS physician about the treatment cycle.

! Attention: Prices indicated in the price list are available for the treatments prescribed by SPA VILNIUS the therapist only. Otherwise, 21% VAT is applied.

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