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Shiatsu foot massage

Treatment is not suitable for:
Duration : 30min.

For many years, little was known about the energy processes of the organism in the Western countries but today we can use particularly valuable, effective methods from the East which help to eliminate the real reasons for complaints and restore the emotional balance.

Shiatsu foot massage is one of the Japanese techniques for complete healing of the body and soul. Probably you have heard that the female energy Yin and male energy Yang flow in us and if one is suppressed and the energy energy is significantly greater, the functions of the body and mind are disturbed. Due to exhausting tension we become more and more tired, suffer from different pains and invite depression.

Thus, it is really worth to take care of ourselves in due time and if you already have some troubles, you should give preference to your health and good emotional well-being. All works and problems will wait and maybe will become not so important...

Progress of Shiatsu foot massage and benefits for you:

  • The foot massage is performed while you calmly rest on the massage table. The massage master will soothe and press all areas of the feet with the points of various organs by rhythmical and purposeful movements. Thus, the impulse travels to the respective parts of the body through energy channels and harmonises the functions of such parts of the body.
  • Shiatsu massage balances the flow of male and female energy, strengthens the natural protective functions of the organism, boosts the immune function, relieves acute and chronic pains, relaxes tense muscles.
  • This is a pleasant way of restoring the psychological balance, calming down the mind and eliminating the consequences of emotional shocks.

Recommendations: purposefully formed cycle of Shiatsu (acupressure) massage allows to achieve the maximum and long-lasting results.

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