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Chinese foot massage

Treatment is not suitable for:
Duration : 30min.

Accupressure foot massage dates back to more than one thousand years and came to our country from China. This is a simple and at the same time especially effective way helping to deal with different problems of the body. The massage balances the nervous system, improves energy circulation and eliminates the consequences of stress.

According to the Chinese medicine and philosophy, the female energy "Yin" and male energy "Yang" flow in the body of each person. if your flow balance is impaired, different diseases emerge, the mood becomes poor, constant fatigue occurs.

The acupressure massage may be of two types, i.e. calming and stimulating. Thus, you may choose what you need more and what you wish. During the therapy, stimulation of some points in the feet affects all internal organs and the processes of functioning of such organs. The massage master will stimulate the functions of the organs or, on the contrary, soothe too high activity depending of the goal to be achieved.

Progress and effects of the Chinese foot massage:

  • After saying hello and familiarising with the massage process, you will lie on the back and go on a journey of new exciting experiences. The massage master who will start with gentle warming feet stroking will stimulate all necessary points one by one by special movements.
  • All internal organs, i.e. thyroid,  bronchus, lungs, stomach and all digestive system, womb or prostate etc., will be affected. Your eyes will also relax, fatigue in your legs and hands will be relieved, the psychological condition will normalise.
  • If you associate touching of feet only with tickling and laugh, by virtue of professional touch, during the massage you will feel a new, wonderful blessing of relaxation and recharged energy.
  • The Chinese foot massage relieves physical tiredness, emotional tension, anxiety, insomnia, hypersensitivity and other disorders. You will regain joy of life and feel a surge of strength.

Benefits of the Chinese foot massage to you:

  • Improves blood circulation and metabolism;
  • Boosts the immune function and harmonises the body's functions;
  • Restores the balance Yin and Yang energy and charges energy;
  • Relieves pains and liberates from tension.

Recommendations: it is recommended to go to therapy at least 1 hour after meal or 30 min. before meal.

! Attention: Prices indicated in the price list are available for the treatments prescribed by SPA VILNIUS the therapist only. Otherwise, 21% VAT is applied.

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