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Underwater massage

Treatment is not suitable for:
After meal
Duration : 20min.

Did you know that the effects of underwater massage are much more intensive than the effects of usual massage? When the body is immersed in a wam water, the muscles and nervous system relax quicker. Blessing instantly fills the whole body; thus, massage water jet quicker stimulates blood circulation and the lymphatic system.

You will experience double pleasure, since the body sort of dive into the state of weightlessness and at the same time the main massage movements will be performed using jets of water. Being in water deepens inhalation and facilitates exhalation, you will feel deeper calmness and joy with each sigh.

This is not only an effective way of relaxation but also promotion of health. The treatment helps to eliminate the consequences of traumas, harmonises the nervous system, improves metabolism and blood circulation.

The underwater massage is performed in a bath with special rests for head and legs for your convenience.

Benefits of the therapy to you:

  • Reduces muscle tightness and relieves spasms. If you suffer any pains, for example, after active sports, soon you will feel how your pain decreases and disappears.
  • The treatment improves joint elasticity and restores the grace of movements.
  • Improves the cardiac activity and oxygen is more intensively supplied to the tissues.
  • As blood circulation becomes more intense, the skin of the body becomes more beautiful and you will feel fresher and more vigorous.

The underwater massage is performed taking into account your needs and goals. Applied different intensity of jets for separate parts of the body has even more benefits and activates the functions of the organism and tissues.

Water jets affect even deep muscles giving tone to them and promote removal of toxins from fat deposits.

! Attention: Prices indicated in the price list are available for the treatments prescribed by SPA VILNIUS the therapist only. Otherwise, 21% VAT is applied.

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