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Amber & music aromatherapy

Treatment is not suitable for:
Duration : 60min.

Dear friends, would you like to feel special relaxation and inner peace? Authentic amber and music aromatherapy enchants and helps to distance from daily concerns, recurring thoughts and anxiety. During the treatment you will dive into harmony of smells, sounds and light which gradually wraps every cell and calms down the mind which is rushing around.

Due to its therapeutic properties, amber has conquered various SPA rituals and is valued not only by professionals but also by the majority of people who felt its effects and benefits.

Aromatherapy is intended for treatment of physical and emotional ailments, health promotion and mood harmonisation. Probably you are aware of the impact of swell and possibly you have used essential oils at home; thus, you will just remember that aromatherapy combined with other therapeutic elements has even more intense effects.

During the amber & music aromatherapy:

  • You will breathe the smells excreted by herbs;
  • You will watch the calming amber light;
  • You will listen to relaxing, pleasant music and autogenic training elements.

Effects on physical health: boosts the immune function, positively affects the nervous, respiratory, endocrine, digestive and other systems, relieves the symptoms of depression and restores working capacity, liveliness.

Benefits not only to the body but also to the soul: wrapping calmness and therapeutic elements of aromas and amber will help to calm down recurring thoughts, bring natural joy and willingness to enjoy the life.

The therapy may be applied for rehabilitation purposes and as a one-off measure of restoration of balance, rest and lifting of spirits.

Enjoy the process of the enchanting therapy and after leaving the room, do not hurry to dive into your daily life.

! Attention: Prices indicated in the price list are available for the treatments prescribed by SPA VILNIUS the therapist only. Otherwise, 21% VAT is applied.

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